Andrew Wilkins's Site


My name is Andrew Wilkins, and I'm a computer programmer. I love coding: all things systems programming; distributed computing; automation. I work at Canonical, on the Juju team.

I live and work in Perth, Western Australia with my wife and children. When I'm not working, programming for fun, or spending time with my family, I'm usually asleep.


I've generally got several hobby projects going on. I sporadically update my blog with tidbits about what I'm working on. Below is a list of my main projects:

  • pushy: a simple, zero-server RPC library for Python and Java.
  • cmonster: a Python-based C/C++ preprocessor, parser and source-to-source translation package built on top of clang.
  • mrhooker: a simple Python package for writing LD_PRELOAD hooks in Cython.
  • llgo: a work-in-progress compiler for the Go Programming Language, written in Go and producing code using LLVM.
  • gocov: a coverage testing tool for the Go Programming Language.